Repairing the Fridge

Well, this has been one of the worst winters that I have experienced in lots of ways.  I’m just glad it’s coming to an end!  My family can’t wait for summer so we can lounge in our pool (I’ll be the one with a mango daiquiri!)

A few weeks ago, the stuff in the freezer was getting a bit soft, it wasn’t as cold in there as it should have been.  I had husband pull out the fridge for me. I pulled off the back access panel and cleaned the copious amounts of dust covering the condenser coils. I heard the evaporator fan go on, but the condenser fan wasn’t running with the compressor. Plus, the front frame of fridge was hot, a classic sign of the condenser fan not working.  Uh oh!

Well, too bad for this fridge!  I never liked it, the water dispenser line always froze and I had installed a secondary “heater” part that GE made for this specific purpose.  (Seems like it was poorly designed) The fridge always made funny noses, but now it was relatively quiet.  Too quiet.

I started looking for a new fridge, wanting the LG Door in Door in Stainless Steel.  Meantime, I positioned a tabletop fan at the coils to help dissipate heat until I had the new fridge or repaired this one (it really wasn’t an option at this point) Problem was, no appliance store around me had the LG on display.  I needed to see it before I bought it.  I didn’t want to hate another fridge for 10 years or more.  So my alternative was to repair.

GE GSL25JFPHBS Condenser
Fan Replacement

This is an easy repair.  First order the part.  I ordered a genuine GE replacement part from Amazon for about $28.  Overnight shipping added $4 to the cost, but worth it, since I didn’t have to drive all over to find it.  The part number for my fridge is WR60X10220.  Always check using your model number, as some parts may be slightly different model to model.


A shiny clean new motor!

Raid husbands tool box for tools needed:


Tools Du Jour: Socket to remove panel, needle-nose pliers to pop the push in cable tie out of bracket, Phillips head screwdriver to remove bracket.

Unplug the electrical cord!


Don’t forget to unplug me!

Remove access panel in back:


Wow! Floor sure is dirty under there! Please disregard!

Now you will see how the fan is held in the bracket.  Note the orientation of the fan blades.


Don’t forget to clean the fan blades of dust while it’s out!

Unplug fan disconnect and push aside then release the cable tie push mount from the bracket.  Remove the two screws holding the bracket and fan motor from the housing.


Bracket laying on icky tile floor under fridge!

Ground wire is attached to back bottom bracket screw.  Not easy to access if your hands are big!  Since I’m female, my hands are smaller than most men.  I have that advantage! Sorry big fellas!


Inconveniently located ground wire at the back bottom bracket screw.

Gently remove vibration mounts from old motor and install them on the new one.  Note the orientation of the mounts.  Remove fan blade from old motor and install on the new one.  Note the blade orientation and spacing of fan blade on the shaft from the motor.  Reinstall motor and bracket making sure to screw in the ground wire on back bracket screw.  Give fan blades a whirl to see if there is any resistance (there shouldn’t be, it’s a new motor!) and check the positioning of fan blades to condenser coils.  Reconnect disconnect and plug in.  The fan comes on when the compressor is powered, so don’t think it doesn’t work if it doesn’t come on at first.

Total repair time 30 minutes.  Cost:  $32.   Still pining away for my LG Door in Door.  Ahhh, someday…..


See those fan blades spinning!

I have two other repairs (one for the fridge -again!- and one for my Lexus door actuator) I will be posting soon!


Hello! I’m Back!

Hello all! Yeah I know I haven’t been a good blogger lately (OK, like for the last 8 months!) I have a goal to at least be committed to write a twice monthly blog about whatever is happening in my life. So here we start anew! (Again!!)

Since the last blog post, I have lost my last 2 original hens. Well, not lost, but they went onto the big chicken coop in the sky. I didn’t send them into the UCONN lab because I assumed they died from the same thing as my beloved Henny Penny. In May, I purchased 4 chickens from our local Agway. Turned out one was a rooster, so back to Agway it went. I now have 3 new hens: Peanut the top Red Sex Link hen, Taffy – hefty a Buff Orpington and Belle – a gorgeous Speckled Sussex. Peanut and Taffy are laying, not every day, but frequently. Belle, well she’s a freeloader. No eggs from her yet and she is skittish around me whereas the other two peck at my jacket and try to fly onto my back when I’m cleaning their coop. I’m sure she will come around, I try to gently catch her and pet her so she will get used to me. Lets hope these girls are with us for a while!!

Peanut - the Alpha hen in our coop.  Avoiding the crockpot is her game!

Peanut – the Alpha hen in our coop. Avoiding the crockpot is her game!

Taffy, our gorgeous Buff Orpington hen!

Taffy, our gorgeous Buff Orpington hen!

Belle, our lovely Speckled Sussex!

Belle, our lovely Speckled Sussex!

Well, my New Years 2015 goal is to give a twice monthly update to life in our house: recipes, sewing, a really good Korean drama (they all are good!) chickens or family update. Oh and I love to homebrew. It’s my new passion which I think I’m pretty good at. I promise I will update my homebrew adventures coming up.

Winnie the Lizard

Oh poor Winnie our Green Anole.


Winnie sporting her blue eye shadow!

She was our cute lizard our daughter won in a classroom lottery last year.  We purchased an awesome habitat complete with vines, plants, UVB and heat bulb for our little cold blooded family member.  We took turns dutifully feeding it tiny crickets, many of whom got loose in the house (but Lollipop the cat took care of them!) 

Winnie wasn’t looking too good for a bit, so I decided to clean the cage.  I replaced the substrate and vine, cleaned the plants and picked the dead cricket carcasses out.  Once cleaned, I put Winnie back in her habitat.  She was pretty much mostly brown at this point.  After dinner I took the girls to my neighbors house to deliver Girl Scout cookies.  When we came home, my husband informed us that the lizard was dead.  What?  I thought to myself, Did the tank cleaning kill her?  She was stressed as it was and moving her into temporary housing was just too much.  Reality was she wasn’t doing well in the months before.  I really do miss her.  Every morning we would play “Where’s Winnie?”  It was a treat to find her hidden in her home.  Once the ground thaws, we will give her a proper lizard burial.  She’s in deep freeze right now in the garage fridge. 

Then I got to wondering….First it was Henny Penny the chicken and now Winnie. Jeez, what the heck is going on with the pets in our household?  In the end we did our best and life happens.  We still have 2 hens and 2 cats and this weekend we will take a trip to the pet store and buy 2 Green Anole lizards, ’cause that’s how we roll. 

I still have no good entry for the madras lentils I promised to make last month or so.  I’m working on it!!




Madras Lentils- Yum!

Time for my monthly check in!! Recently I went shopping with my MIL at Costco. Wow. That place is so freaking huge. Luckily, the carts are just as big so you can squeeze all kinds of stuff you never needed into it. I’m a BJ’s member and our closest store is tiny in comparison. But as they say, larger IS better!

Aisle after aisle we looked and compared items. Shopping is always a blast with my MIL! But I digress. Costco has lots of random things in large sizes. Like a 30 pack of glue sticks, a treadmill or 3 loaves of bread in a bag. Among my favorite things that day was something that my MIL tipped me off to. (Thanks, MIL!) It was Tasty Bites Madras Lentils. A 2 serving 1 minute microwave pouch with simple ingredients: Water, Tomatoes, Lentils, Red Beans, Onions, Cream, Salt, Butter, Sunflower Oil, Chilies, Cumin. No weird unpronounceable ingredients! Yay!

The next day I cooked some rice in my (awesome) Aroma rice cooker and micro’d one of those pouches (they come 6 pouches to a box for $9.99) and served half over rice. I saved the rest for the next day, though I could have clearly eaten the whole pouch in one sitting, it was that good!

Wow. Awesome. Very tasty, lots of flavor for just being lentils & beans. Spiced with cumin, the taste is somewhere between Indian and Mexican. I think it’s less authentic Indian made for the Western palate. So I’m on a quest to recreate the same taste in my slow-cooker or pressure cooker. I have a few recipes and will do a mashup and blog when (if) it succeeds. I’m trying to see if I can make it vegan or make it with less cream & butter, though I suspect I may have to keep either in it. I bought some organic black lentils at Whole Foods along with some organic diced tomatoes. I have the rest of the ingredients here at home. If it comes out similar or merely edible, I’ll post the recipe. Stay tuned!

New Breakfast Addiction

Yeah, I know, no posts for a month, now 2 in one day! Sorry, it’s all about priorities..Anyhoo, my husband has been a believer in Garden of Life Raw Meal products for a while. He lost about 10 lbs in a few weeks just by swapping out breakfast with a protein shake. Now, if he was female, it would be a different story! But I was like, yuck – protein shakes are so gross. But Garden of Life has no whey, no soy. Only sprouted grains, vitamins and probiotics. It’s organic too.

The hubby was trying to get me on the Raw Meal bandwagon. So the other day, we went to Whole Foods and bought a container of Garden of Life Raw Meal Marley Coffee Meal Replacement. I do have to say it is really, really good. It is my new go-to breakfast meal. I mix it up 1 scoop with 6 to 8 oz cold coffee and ice cubes. (Yay for caffeine!) Give it a whirl in your blender and sip it with a straw. So. Freaking. Good. Love me some coffee!

I have to say it does keep me from feeling hunger pangs (and if you know me, I will eat at the first sign of hunger….) I have also tried their Vanilla Raw Meal mixed with a cup of cold chai decaf tea (plain) It tastes like a graham cracker. Garden of Life also sent my husband a box of the Raw Fit protein and it tastes just as good as the Vanilla Raw Meal. Oh, they also sponsor some really cool guys who are MMA fighters. If it’s good for them, it should be awesome for me! 🙂

A New Love!

For shame!! It’s not what you think! I happen to love my husband! But I also realized how much I like to sing (off key when combined with wine!) with the new karaoke machine my kids received from Santa (s-he’s so smart!) Luckily, the wild animals can’t hear, because they would all be howling outside the door! It was fun to sing karaoke with my husband when we returned from a wine and cheese party while the kids were at their grandparents home. It only took a little prodding, I assure you! Husband was on board by the end of the first song. I plan on celebrating my 50th this coming year (2014) with a jaunt to a NYC Karaoke norebang in Koreatown. (Hint Hint to Hubby!) Why not? Maybe with enough time I can hone my skills. If not, I will scratch it off on my bucket list. Go ahead and get one, it’s a lot of fun. Really, why shouldn’t life be fun?

What happened to Henny Penny?

I finally received the CT State Diagnostic Lab report back on my beloved chicken Henny Penny. She died of severe egg impaction. So sad. She apparently was an internal layer and for that there is not much anyone can do. (even though I tried) I am sure it was her breed that was responsible – red sex-link- which is bred for high production, but not for a long life. After the 2nd year, egg laying stopped and the occasional broken egg appeared in her nest box. I didn’t know any better. I feel so heartbroken for her. I am wondering if this the road to be traveled for the rest of my hens.