Repairing the Fridge

Well, this has been one of the worst winters that I have experienced in lots of ways.  I’m just glad it’s coming to an end!  My family can’t wait for summer so we can lounge in our pool (I’ll be the one with a mango daiquiri!)

A few weeks ago, the stuff in the freezer was getting a bit soft, it wasn’t as cold in there as it should have been.  I had husband pull out the fridge for me. I pulled off the back access panel and cleaned the copious amounts of dust covering the condenser coils. I heard the evaporator fan go on, but the condenser fan wasn’t running with the compressor. Plus, the front frame of fridge was hot, a classic sign of the condenser fan not working.  Uh oh!

Well, too bad for this fridge!  I never liked it, the water dispenser line always froze and I had installed a secondary “heater” part that GE made for this specific purpose.  (Seems like it was poorly designed) The fridge always made funny noses, but now it was relatively quiet.  Too quiet.

I started looking for a new fridge, wanting the LG Door in Door in Stainless Steel.  Meantime, I positioned a tabletop fan at the coils to help dissipate heat until I had the new fridge or repaired this one (it really wasn’t an option at this point) Problem was, no appliance store around me had the LG on display.  I needed to see it before I bought it.  I didn’t want to hate another fridge for 10 years or more.  So my alternative was to repair.

GE GSL25JFPHBS Condenser
Fan Replacement

This is an easy repair.  First order the part.  I ordered a genuine GE replacement part from Amazon for about $28.  Overnight shipping added $4 to the cost, but worth it, since I didn’t have to drive all over to find it.  The part number for my fridge is WR60X10220.  Always check using your model number, as some parts may be slightly different model to model.


A shiny clean new motor!

Raid husbands tool box for tools needed:


Tools Du Jour: Socket to remove panel, needle-nose pliers to pop the push in cable tie out of bracket, Phillips head screwdriver to remove bracket.

Unplug the electrical cord!


Don’t forget to unplug me!

Remove access panel in back:


Wow! Floor sure is dirty under there! Please disregard!

Now you will see how the fan is held in the bracket.  Note the orientation of the fan blades.


Don’t forget to clean the fan blades of dust while it’s out!

Unplug fan disconnect and push aside then release the cable tie push mount from the bracket.  Remove the two screws holding the bracket and fan motor from the housing.


Bracket laying on icky tile floor under fridge!

Ground wire is attached to back bottom bracket screw.  Not easy to access if your hands are big!  Since I’m female, my hands are smaller than most men.  I have that advantage! Sorry big fellas!


Inconveniently located ground wire at the back bottom bracket screw.

Gently remove vibration mounts from old motor and install them on the new one.  Note the orientation of the mounts.  Remove fan blade from old motor and install on the new one.  Note the blade orientation and spacing of fan blade on the shaft from the motor.  Reinstall motor and bracket making sure to screw in the ground wire on back bracket screw.  Give fan blades a whirl to see if there is any resistance (there shouldn’t be, it’s a new motor!) and check the positioning of fan blades to condenser coils.  Reconnect disconnect and plug in.  The fan comes on when the compressor is powered, so don’t think it doesn’t work if it doesn’t come on at first.

Total repair time 30 minutes.  Cost:  $32.   Still pining away for my LG Door in Door.  Ahhh, someday…..


See those fan blades spinning!

I have two other repairs (one for the fridge -again!- and one for my Lexus door actuator) I will be posting soon!


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