Winnie the Lizard

Oh poor Winnie our Green Anole.


Winnie sporting her blue eye shadow!

She was our cute lizard our daughter won in a classroom lottery last year.  We purchased an awesome habitat complete with vines, plants, UVB and heat bulb for our little cold blooded family member.  We took turns dutifully feeding it tiny crickets, many of whom got loose in the house (but Lollipop the cat took care of them!) 

Winnie wasn’t looking too good for a bit, so I decided to clean the cage.  I replaced the substrate and vine, cleaned the plants and picked the dead cricket carcasses out.  Once cleaned, I put Winnie back in her habitat.  She was pretty much mostly brown at this point.  After dinner I took the girls to my neighbors house to deliver Girl Scout cookies.  When we came home, my husband informed us that the lizard was dead.  What?  I thought to myself, Did the tank cleaning kill her?  She was stressed as it was and moving her into temporary housing was just too much.  Reality was she wasn’t doing well in the months before.  I really do miss her.  Every morning we would play “Where’s Winnie?”  It was a treat to find her hidden in her home.  Once the ground thaws, we will give her a proper lizard burial.  She’s in deep freeze right now in the garage fridge. 

Then I got to wondering….First it was Henny Penny the chicken and now Winnie. Jeez, what the heck is going on with the pets in our household?  In the end we did our best and life happens.  We still have 2 hens and 2 cats and this weekend we will take a trip to the pet store and buy 2 Green Anole lizards, ’cause that’s how we roll. 

I still have no good entry for the madras lentils I promised to make last month or so.  I’m working on it!!