A New Love!

For shame!! It’s not what you think! I happen to love my husband! But I also realized how much I like to sing (off key when combined with wine!) with the new karaoke machine my kids received from Santa (s-he’s so smart!) Luckily, the wild animals can’t hear, because they would all be howling outside the door! It was fun to sing karaoke with my husband when we returned from a wine and cheese party while the kids were at their grandparents home. It only took a little prodding, I assure you! Husband was on board by the end of the first song. I plan on celebrating my 50th this coming year (2014) with a jaunt to a NYC Karaoke norebang in Koreatown. (Hint Hint to Hubby!) Why not? Maybe with enough time I can hone my skills. If not, I will scratch it off on my bucket list. Go ahead and get one, it’s a lot of fun. Really, why shouldn’t life be fun?


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