New Breakfast Addiction

Yeah, I know, no posts for a month, now 2 in one day! Sorry, it’s all about priorities..Anyhoo, my husband has been a believer in Garden of Life Raw Meal products for a while. He lost about 10 lbs in a few weeks just by swapping out breakfast with a protein shake. Now, if he was female, it would be a different story! But I was like, yuck – protein shakes are so gross. But Garden of Life has no whey, no soy. Only sprouted grains, vitamins and probiotics. It’s organic too.

The hubby was trying to get me on the Raw Meal bandwagon. So the other day, we went to Whole Foods and bought a container of Garden of Life Raw Meal Marley Coffee Meal Replacement. I do have to say it is really, really good. It is my new go-to breakfast meal. I mix it up 1 scoop with 6 to 8 oz cold coffee and ice cubes. (Yay for caffeine!) Give it a whirl in your blender and sip it with a straw. So. Freaking. Good. Love me some coffee!

I have to say it does keep me from feeling hunger pangs (and if you know me, I will eat at the first sign of hunger….) I have also tried their Vanilla Raw Meal mixed with a cup of cold chai decaf tea (plain) It tastes like a graham cracker. Garden of Life also sent my husband a box of the Raw Fit protein and it tastes just as good as the Vanilla Raw Meal. Oh, they also sponsor some really cool guys who are MMA fighters. If it’s good for them, it should be awesome for me! 🙂


A New Love!

For shame!! It’s not what you think! I happen to love my husband! But I also realized how much I like to sing (off key when combined with wine!) with the new karaoke machine my kids received from Santa (s-he’s so smart!) Luckily, the wild animals can’t hear, because they would all be howling outside the door! It was fun to sing karaoke with my husband when we returned from a wine and cheese party while the kids were at their grandparents home. It only took a little prodding, I assure you! Husband was on board by the end of the first song. I plan on celebrating my 50th this coming year (2014) with a jaunt to a NYC Karaoke norebang in Koreatown. (Hint Hint to Hubby!) Why not? Maybe with enough time I can hone my skills. If not, I will scratch it off on my bucket list. Go ahead and get one, it’s a lot of fun. Really, why shouldn’t life be fun?

What happened to Henny Penny?

I finally received the CT State Diagnostic Lab report back on my beloved chicken Henny Penny. She died of severe egg impaction. So sad. She apparently was an internal layer and for that there is not much anyone can do. (even though I tried) I am sure it was her breed that was responsible – red sex-link- which is bred for high production, but not for a long life. After the 2nd year, egg laying stopped and the occasional broken egg appeared in her nest box. I didn’t know any better. I feel so heartbroken for her. I am wondering if this the road to be traveled for the rest of my hens.

Eulogy to Henny Penny

Holy Crap. I had a huge post written out and somehow I deleted it. Not good! So I will try my best to rewrite what I wrote, but the 3rd glass of wine is not helping!


Yesterday, my beloved hen Henny-Penny died. She was listless and hunched on Thanksgiving. My husband took her in the garage and we put a heat lamp on her. I fed her by dropper to help keep her hydrated. I shifted her on her side after her leg became stiff. I covered her with an old t-shirt to help keep her warm. She was fast in decline. I scoured the chicken forums to see if I could do anything to help her. I gave her a warm bath, it just cleaned her up a bit. She always had a poopy butt. Gross, I know, but I bathed her every few months to keep the poop from cementing onto her butt feathers. Henny-Penny was henpecked by the other 2 hens, so she was my favorite, my underdog. She gave a lot of enjoyment in her short life. I hope I made a difference. I had no idea what killed her, but now I think it was egg yolk peritonitis. So I contacted the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory at UCONN. The have a courier service available to pick up dead hens for necropsy. But they weren’t able to get to us that day. My option was to send Henny-Penny via UPS overnight to the UCONN lab. It worked out OK as I wasn’t too keen on burying her with all the digging animals that visit us in the night. So I double bagged her and boxed her up. It was sad. She was a beloved member of the family. Now I’m just waiting for the necropsy report. Hopefully, there is nothing that will impact my existing flock of Daisy (the bitch) & Lola. Still, even though she was just a chicken, Henny-Penny had a funny personality. She had a huge comb and was always the last to get the treats. But she enjoyed them with gusto. Godspeed Henny-Penny, I loved you the most!