How cats like it done….

This was taken from RocketNews24.  My fav-o-rite Asian news blog….

Truthfully, our cat Lollipop (of Blog name fame) loves to have her belly rubbed.  Whatev, she was a stray wharf cat, not your normal house kitty apparently.



Can I just get some peace here, folks?

I’m here trying to enjoy my hard-earned 3rd glass of wine.  My middle daughter E keeps talking about the clothes some (trampy) girl in her class is wearing.  I really want to listen, but my mind is tuning out….Please just GO. TO. BED.   I spent all day organizing A’s room, which was slightly akin to Fukushima.  At least they had robots going in.  I had to mentally prepare myself for this.  The things I found defy words.  Food wrappers.  Old Band aids.  Many partner-less socks.  Tons (!) of crumpled paper  (Really, crumpled paper?  Why?  You have a big trash can in your bedroom for Gods sake!)  Trust me, it would be easier to just close that door and never look in.  Well, one room down and another one to go tomorrow.  Just preparing tonight is all I’m saying….

It all begins here!

I wanted to have a blog for a very long time.  I have lots of off-beat rants and just some general observations of life that would be best written down.  So here I am!  I love to use Twitter but hate Facebook with a passion.  Yeah, I know FB has a few good points, but it still sucks nonetheless.   I most likely will blog about Kdrama and some things Korean, my backyard freeloading chickens, my wonderful family and whatever strikes my fancy!  Grab a glass of wine and read on!